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Discover How To Get All The Clients Without Cold Calling, Expensive Advertising, Numerous Methods Using Hundreds Of Hours Trying To Make Marketing Work For You.

Let me ask you something..

Are you like most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you have developed a first class product or service that there is a hungry market for but still can't grow your business like you hoped when you first started out, I sympathise with you. 

I've been there.

There are so many methods you get told to do when it comes to sales and marketing, the latest buzzword and the best tools to use, I've tried so many in the past with mixed results but nothing that ever had the power to transform my business. 

Creating loads of content for my blog, tweeting, facebooking, pinterest, LinkedIn, Adwords... The list goes on and on!

Then waiting for the phone to ring off the hook.... And it just DOESN'T!!!

One thing I have noticed throughout my career by meeting many entrepreneurs and business owners, they cannot find scalable and predictable processes for generating new business. 

Does This Situation Apply To You?​

You are running a business, as you have so much else to do!

Be it hiring, sitting in meetings with your colleagues or clients, invoicing, managing... well... EVERYTHING!

In fact....anything by prospecting and selling.

You have invested heavily in a sales team, who are great at selling and equally good at ignoring prospecting!

They will do anything to get out of it, making excuse after excuse, again and again!

Both situations end up with the same result, peak's and troughs when it comes to sales prospecting, meaning your business will never grow and scale the way you want it to. 

For small business owners and entrepreneurs this is a MASSIVE cause of frustration!

I ask you the question:

How do you find NEW customers that will help you continue to grow your sales, hit targets and make more MONEY?!

I've lost count the times I've asked myself that question. 

This Is How My Life Changed...

Not that long ago, I was running my family printing business, the churn of my sales team was beyond unbelievable. They would join us, start well using their network of contacts, then nothing...we would buy a list of data they would leave and we would start again.

Our sales figures yo-yoed with sales prospecting at the top of my list of issues for growing my business.

Can you relate to this as a fellow business owner or entrepreneur?

I couldn't carry on like this. The stress, worry, frustration and the sleepless nights!

So I decided to take action.

I took it upon myself to invest in learning as much as I could about Sales and Marketing. 

I went on courses, I read book after book daily, and I networked!

SEO, Adwords, Digital and countless other methods I tried using but these didn't work.

Eventually, I found the book 'Predictable Revenue' by Aaron Ross and Marylou Tyler. 

The book what everything and more I needed.

A repeatable process to building Sales Pipeline that was actually SCALABLE.

The process outlined in the book, Cold Calling 2.0, is a combination of email campaigns and telephone follow-ups. 

But there is more to it than just that. 

There's sourcing accurate and pinpointed data that fits our Ideal Customer Profile, not just buying a list and picking up the phone!

I took up the process by myself and used it in my printing business which made phenomenal results...

I decided to make a significant shift in my business and life

I set up Marketing Republic.

A B2B lead generation agency, specialising in providing clients with our proven, tested and scalable system called the Outreach Formula 2.0

Over the last few years, after founding Marketing Republic, we have many campaigns, in 23 countries, in multiple languages creating £millions in sales pipeline and opportunities for our clients.

Each campaign is different depending on the client, who we are targeting and industry they operate in. 

However, the objective and result is still the same.

To build a strong pipeline of sales leads for our client's sales teams to focus on closing more business.

Craft personal emails to lists of your ICP to start conversations.

Call prospects that have engaged via email  - No more cold calls.​

Working internationally already operating in 23 countries.

  •  Bad data can reduce campaign effectiveness by 30% - Total Sales Solutions 2016
  • With persistency and consistency comes success, we have proved it. 
  •  78% of sales people using social media outsell their peers. - Mark Fidelman

Our Solution

Using the OUTREACH Formula 2.0 we have generated sales pipelines that run into millions of pounds for our clients. 

We have perfected our formula over several years, with thousands and thousands of hours of research, constantly evolving, teaching and learning what gets results.

We have sent hundreds of thousands of emails and had thousands of calls to perfect this prospecting process so that you don't have to. 

This process has been used across the globe in 23 countries in multiple languages, industries and sectors. 

We have generated opportunities for our clients with some of the largest businesses in the World, 










How To Build Value Into Your Sales System.

Understanding Problems And How You Solve Them; Identifying Your Ideal Customer Profile.

Test, Test And Test And Focus On Prospects.

Researching The Best Tools Available To Make The Best Results.

Email After Email, Perfecting The Emails And How To Handle Replies.

Refining And Planning The Perfect Prospecting Strategy.

How To Handle The Initial Call And What To Ask.

What We Do When We Hand Over The Leads.

The Outreach Formula 2.0 Is The Perfect Resolution To All Problems.

The Outreach Formula 2.0 program has the power to become the most significant turning point in your business.

8 modules in 8 weeks that will increase your profits and transform your business with world leading marketing strategies and systems.

Module One: 

Module 1, is going to teach you the timeless, foundational building blocks of sales, persuasion and influence.

These are the un-breakable rules based on human psychology that you absolutely must know in order to effectively sell anything.

These are the rules that allow you to go from a needy, arm-twisting, entrepreneur who's desperate to sell your product to anyone who will listen to you, to a confident authority who speaks from a place of power and service. These are the little-known, but price-less rules that allow you to become the hunted instead of the hunter.

Module Two: 

In Module 2, it's all about understanding all the problems and how you solve them. Looking at the problems from a prospects perspective. 

Once you know these vital areas, we're going to use it to define your Ideal Customer Profile. This is a single, magical sentence that sets your company above the competition. Get it right, and it can make you millions. Get it wrong and your sales prospecting is doomed to fail before you've even begun.

Module Three: 

Module 3 covers testing we therefore put everything into action and ask our clients. We put together the prospecting action plan and define our ideal customer profile.

You want to focus your time on prospects who are responding positively to your message, you can keep track of them using your CRM, ensuring that NO lead slips through the cracks.

Module Four: 

Module 4 covers the campaign overview as well as research which is a very important area. I go through the best tools available which will help make your job easier, as you can monitor the success of your messaging, targeting of job titles and the list of variables go on... 

I also go into depth about data, bad data means bad results, and I will show you the impact that bad data has on email campaigns.

Module Five: 

Module 5, is all about the email and what not to do. I will be covering what is needed for the email delivery and what to do when the customers reply.  

Templates will also be provided in this module showing you how to structure your emails, which are proven to be successful.

Module Six: 

In Module 6, it's all about how to refine and plan your Prospecting Strategy by identifying the core components that make the perfect approach.

This module includes the best use of your CRM, how to follow up on emails that have come through and you will also receive email templates to help you structure your written responses.  

Module Seven: 

In Module 7, we get prepared for the call narrowing our data down to who is relevant and who is not so much. 

On the call, we cover many questions to report back as much information as possible to our clients. If the call is successful and the prospect wants to go ahead with the last step of the sales process this is now classed as a qualified lead. 

Module Eight: 

In Module 8, we go into detail in regards to the handover which we have with the client. At this stage, we have qualified leads and as much information possible to then pass over to the sales team and massively build your sales pipeline.

The leads that you pass over to your sales professionals will be ready to meet and do business with you.

  1. Exclusive training to transform your sales prospecting.
  2. Templates provided throughout the modules that are proven to work.
  3. Limited time left at the price of £1497.
  4. Unbelievable results with a breakthrough approach.

The best formula's and tools that get results.

Video class for every module 

Proven templates to help you.

Online support throughout the modules.

I've been in business development for 12 years and have been on a lot of training courses. I can say with confidence that OUTREACH Formula is one of the best I have come across in my career with clear actions that even experienced professionals can make use of. 

Steve Nugent
Experienced Business Development Director

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 Get ongoing feedback on your work and your questions answered!

We will support you week on week, or give you that little nudge you need to get you through the process and make sure YOU get RESULTS!!!

Supporting you EVERY step of the way!

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Think about what your IDEAL CLIENTS are worth to you.

The OUTREACH Formula 2.0 could help you and your salespeople systemise the two huge time-drains of prospecting and pre-call research, allowing your sales team to spend 90% of their day selling to 10X more qualified decision makers!

Not ready to launch your product or services just yet?

That’s good to hear.

Because NOW is actually the best time to get started...BEFORE you’re in the market.

Now you can take your time to learn about the best ideas for keeping your business and your salespeople’s pipeline filled with 10X more qualified prospects than your nearest competitor.

And we can help you implement our PROVEN SYSTEM to make sure you find more IDEAL PROSPECTS.... that YOU AND YOUR TEAM.... can turn into IDEAL CLIENTS!

Get started today!

"Bad process is better than no process because you can improve systems but not randomness" - Aaron Ross

​Stefan Boyle


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